The Beginning
Sandy Cove Newfoundlands
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My family's love for Newfoundlands began before I was born.  In the 1930's and the early 1940's, they had an amazing Newfoundland.  I came to know him through stories my family told.  In the summer, my parent's ran a hotel on the Jersey Shore, Sandy Cove Inn.  Their Newfie remained on my Grandfather's farm, about 8 miles from the inn.  One day their Newfie showed up at the inn.  He had never been there before.  Somehow he had found his way to his family.  How incredibly devoted, loving, and intelligent.  From this story my love affair with the Newfoundland began.

In 1952, Duke, a Landseer puppy became my loyal and constant companion.  We spent my childhood together.  His loss was devastating.  In the 1990's I developed an interest in the conformation ring with my Newfoundlands.

In 1998, my husband and soul mate was diagnosed with cancer.  He realized his time with his family was short. He wanted to leave a gift that would provide unconditional, unending love that would continue generation after generation. He decided that the Newfoundland Dog embodied the characteristics he wanted in his gift. Without further deliberation, he contacted Jennifer Beals, our breeder. He told her what he had in mind. He told her that he wanted a female and male who with health clearances as adults would genetically be an appropriate breeding pair.  As fate would have it, Jennifer had 2 litters of puppies on the ground that would meet the conditions set forth.  To the female, he gave the registered name of Marjens AMZ-JMZ Gift of Love.  He called her "Curie" after Madame Marie Curie because of her work with cancer.  The male, he gave to our daughter and her family. He had a great interest in baseball that he shared with our son-in-law.  Maguire broke the home run record in 1998 so the male pup was called "Maguire" and his registered name became Marjens Celebrations Maguire.  On January 12,1999, my soul mate died, but his love lives on through Curie and Maguire.  As a result of his gift of love, a very special love lives on in the 40 pups that began with his gifts of love, Curie and Maguire.  Besides the name "Sandy Cove", each of the pups also carry the word "love" in their registered name, a living memorial to my husband's love.  In addition to producing the pups that share love with their human companions, the pups made Curie a ROM.  Curie is an International Champion and Therapy Dog and Maguire is an AKC and International Champion.

       Sandy Cove Newfoundland.
Young Judy and her Beloved "Duke"
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Dr. Albert Ziffer, my heart, my soul, my love.
He is the "Wind Beneath My Wings".
Forever the song in my heart.
CH Marjens AMZ-JMZ's Gift of Love CGC ROM TDI .
Al was a man of great love experienced by his patients, his friends, and his family.  His goal in life was to leave the world a better place.  His love for his 7 children lives on in his 12 grandchildren, each bringing more love to the world. I treasure Al’s unconditional love that forever fills my soul.  This web site is dedicated to Al’s memory providing a visual testimony that Al’s love continues to make a positive difference in the world.